ELPOIA Volunteers (L to R)  Judy Amundsen, Jim Kairis, George Cicona, Loraine Zinnen and Jackie Seitz pose for a picture after finishing the planting.

Girl Scouts from the Manor also helped plant that day.

Zinnen Boat Launch - West Shore of Lake - Summer of 2004 - Lake Consultant Kathy Aron goes over plans for the site.  They are installing biologs here.

Landscaper Rob Livingston, of Crane Landscape and Design, placed plants in the proper order.  Volunteers did all the on-shore planting.

Crane Landscaping planted all the aquatic plants.  When mature, they will act as a goose barrier for the site and serve to dissipate strong wave action that could erode the shoreline.

Goose netting was placed over the plants to protect them from our goose population.


Cross-section example of the new erosion control system - Envirolok bags - used to bulk up the shore line at the Zinnen Boat Launch.  Over 100 bags were filled and put in on the shoreline to add stability to the coconut logs and boulders that were displaced by ice heave the past two winters.  Jim Kairis, The Manor, sewed all of the bags.  Volunteers from around the lake filled them with a dirt/sand mixture and they were placed on the shoreline this month.  Notice the difference in the root systems of native plants and turf.  Pictures to follow of this volunteer project to restore and preserve the Eagle Lake shore line.