About This Site

Eagle and Sun  In 2004 some of the community leaders thought it would be an excellent idea to have a community presence on the Internet.  Information could be quickly shared and a record could be maintained as well as introduce others to Eagle Lake in Racine County, Wisconsin.

However, from concept to reality was another issue.  Two things were necessary: funding and a webmaster.  Eagle Lake Management District (ELMD) and Eagle Lake Property Owners Association (ELPOIA) readily agreed to provide the funding necessary for a domain name registration and a hosting service.  A volunteer webmaster was found - a community resident who only lives at Eagle Lake part time but wanted to assist the community.  So all systems were "go" and the first website was launched in late fall of 2004.  With the advancement of technology and the Internet, it seemed a good idea to give the web site a fresh look and this is the result.

Although Eagle Lake is located in the Town of Dover, residents use Kansasville as a mailing address.  See Lake History for more about Kansasville.

The residents of Eagle Lake are proud of their community as we hope this web site reflects and that it shows their care and hard work to maintain and protect this special environment.